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NEC & OU campaign to widen access to higher education

In response to a 50% decline in the number of students aged over 21 entering in to higher education in the last 10 years, the Open University and NEC have committed to working together to identify what holds adult learners back and how best to remove those barriers. Read more...

We know there's no lack of ambition to study at higher level among adults aged 18+. Of the thousands of students who enrol with NEC, 56% say their motivation for studying is to go on to further or higher education. So what’s going wrong and how do we reverse the decline in mature student numbers? NEC marketing intern Rea offers some suggestions in our latest NEC Blog. Read more...

Studying with NEC
  • Personal support from a subject-specialist tutor
  • Exam centre places for written, oral and practical exams
  • Enrol at any time of the year and start studying straight away
  • Flexible study at a pace that fits around your life and commitments
  • Course fees payable in monthly instalments from 0% APR
  • Special offer for home educators
  • Specialist support for schools and colleges
  • ELCAS-approved provider for forces personnel
  • Not-for-profit provider and registered educational charity
  • Founded as a pilot for the Open University