Fast track

Fast track stopwatch

At NEC we want our students to succeed. If you’re enrolling on a course with us, we’ll do everything we can to ensure that you see it through to completion and achieve the highest grade possible. This means we’ll tell you if we think you’re being too optimistic with your intended exam dates. Studying an IGCSE or an A level, for example takes a considerable amount of time, with a lot to learn in order to be prepared for the exams. Some students opt to complete their course within a year. Although not impossible, it is very challenging and will require careful planning. We have set up our Fast Track service to support these types of students.

What is Fast Track?

Fast Track offers a quicker turnaround time for assignments and tutor queries.

You will find a number of assignments within your course. Although it is not mandatory to complete all of the these, we would always advise students to try and do as many as possible (preferably all of them) to be best prepared for the exams. Students that have a shorter study period often struggle to complete these assignments due to the time available.

Adding on our Fast Track service guarantees that your assignment will be marked and returned within 2 working days and any queries you send will be answered within 24 hours.

Who is Fast Track for?

Our Fast Track service is for anyone, but students who have decided to complete their course in less than two years are most likely to benefit from this.

How much is it?

Fast Track is an additional £100 per subject.

Do I have to add it to my enrolment?

We recommend that you sign up to our Fast Track service if you are opting to complete your course in a shorter period than we advise.

For each course we have cut off dates for enrolments where students want to sit their exams in the next exam session. These dates vary depending on whether your course includes things like Non-Examination Assessments (NEA). You can find this information on each course page. We would strongly recommend adding Fast Track to your enrolment after this point.

If you still decide that you don’t want to add this service after speaking to our Course Advice Team and reading all the guidance we have on our website, please understand that you will be enrolling at your own risk and NEC will be very limited in the level of support we can give in the time remaining.