Set texts and extra costs

The majority of our courses are entirely self-contained and will not require anything more to complete than the materials we provide you with. However, several of our A levels, IGCSEs and GCSEs will require you to purchase a textbook that the course materials work alongside.

If the course you are considering enrolling on requires a textbook, it will say so on the course information page.

Exam fees

Exam fees are not payable to NEC, so are not included in the cost of your course. Every awarding organisation charges a subject entry fee to each exam centre for every unit entered, which the exam centre then passes on to students. These fees vary from subject to subject and between different exam centres.

If you’re registering for your exams at one of our partner centresour student support team will arrange this for you and tell you how much the registration fee will be. If you’re sitting your exams elsewhere, you’ll need to speak to the centre’s examinations officer to find out the exact costs.

Registration with awarding bodies

If your course leads to a vocational qualification you will probably need to register with the awarding body to become a member before you can sit the exam or be assessed. This fee may be an annual charge. Any relevant information will be given on the specific course information page.